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Seven Values and
Core Principles

In our business with African states, we strive to observe the following seven values and core principles (our 7 As):  

  • Advancing the Interests of Africa and Africans
  • Advocating Fairer and More Effective Contracting
  • Adapting to Country's
    National Context
  • Achieving Jointly Through a Win-Win Partnership
  • Adding value locally
  • Accompanying Host Country in Its Development Policies
  • Acknowledging the Importance of Ethics in Business


Market and activity Description

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The acquisition of oil, gas and mining assets in Africa is the primary activity of KONTINENT LLC. The company invests solely in Africa, alongside African governments, African national oil, gas or mining companies, and international partners.

In Limited Cases, KONTINENT LLC Also Helps African Governments To:

  • Develop National Human, Technical and Administrative Skills Needed To Effectively Engage In International Business Transactions
  • Mobilize International Funding and Expertise for Infrastructure and Energy Projects
  • Negotiate, Execute and Monitor Oil & Gas Contracts

In Doing Business with Africa, KONTINENT LLC’s Competitive Edge Is Based on a Unique Set of Competencies:

  • Access to High Level African Decision-Makers
  • Emphasis on Local Value Creation, Knowledge Transfer, Capacity Building and Economic Empowerment
  • Hands-On, Multi-Decade Experience of Dealing with African Governments
  • International Exposure Gained In Africa, Europe and the United States
  • Measurable Returns for African Countries, In Terms Of National Private Sector Development and Local Value Creation