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Seven Values and
Core Principles

In our business with African states, we strive to observe the following seven values and core principles (our 7 As):  

  • Advancing the Interests of Africa and Africans
  • Advocating Fairer and More Effective Contracting
  • Adapting to Country's
    National Context
  • Achieving Jointly Through a Win-Win Partnership
  • Adding value locally
  • Accompanying Host Country in Its Development Policies
  • Acknowledging the Importance of Ethics in Business


From a Vision to a Business

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Africa needs to reinvent the management of its natural resources. The African private sector is striving to participate in the exploitation of the continent's vast resources. The introduction of Local Content laws is only one solution. Indeed, Local Content laws without the matching implementation skills would fail to promote a sustainable national private sector. Also, because of the reputational and financial costs associated with contract renegotiation, African governments need to enhance their managerial and negotiation skills to minimize contract instability. KONTINENT LLC was established to put this new vision of natural resource management into practice.

KONTINENT puts the emphasis on long-term partnership with international firms and on local value creation through fair split of resources, training, job creation, knowledge transfer, and participation in social and infrastructure projects. The company is part of a large network of firms working on strategy, resource management, project finance, public policy and contract law.

Bridging the Gap

KONTINENT LLC offers to bridge the gap between host governments and foreign businesses, by promoting cooperation instead of confrontation, economic efficiency instead of resource nationalism and comprehensive partnership instead of isolated transactions.