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Seven Values and
Core Principles

In our business with African states, we strive to observe the following seven values and core principles (our 7 As):  

  • Advancing the Interests of Africa and Africans
  • Advocating Fairer and More Effective Contracting
  • Adapting to Country's
    National Context
  • Achieving Jointly Through a Win-Win Partnership
  • Adding value locally
  • Accompanying Host Country in Its Development Policies
  • Acknowledging the Importance of Ethics in Business


Objectives and Values of KONTINENT LLC 

Petroleum contracting and management||||

KONTINENT LLC views capacity building, knowledge transfer, proper integration of resource management into the broader countries’ public policies, local value creation and national participation as the key components of a winning strategy for both Africa and its foreign partners. In our business with African states, we strive to observe the following seven values and core principles:

  • Advancing the interests of Africa and Africans: we are convinced that the development of Africa is primarily the business of Africans and that Africans should participate more in projects conducted on their continent
  • Advocating through business: We strive to promote a new business model in extractive industries, whereby a contract is a cooperation tool between Africa and its foreign partners, not an isolated transaction  
  • Adapting to local context: we recognize that each African country is unique and we endeavor to address its specific needs, while respecting its sovereignty  
  • Achieving jointly: we strongly believe that a sustainable success is one fairly shared by all the partners involved
  • Adding value locally: local capacity building, local value creation and local economic empowerment are the essence of our business philosophy
  • Accompanying host country: we place extractive resources in the broader context of countries’ development agenda
  • Acknowledging the importance of ethics in business: we are committed to high ethical standards including respect of national sovereignty, local laws and the environment as well as the observance of the principles of fair competition and transparency