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Washington, DC 20036

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Seven Values and
Core Principles

In our business with African states, we strive to observe the following seven values and core principles (our 7 As):  

  • Advancing the Interests of Africa and Africans
  • Advocating Fairer and More Effective Contracting
  • Adapting to Country's
    National Context
  • Achieving Jointly Through a Win-Win Partnership
  • Adding value locally
  • Accompanying Host Country in Its Development Policies
  • Acknowledging the Importance of Ethics in Business




Oil and mining contracts||||

KONTINENT LLC was incorporated in the USA, as a Limited Liability Company. We are located in Washington DC. Our main mission is to acquire minority equity stakes in oil, gas and mining projects in Africa. In some cases, KONTINENT LLC also advises African governments on petroleum contracting and management.

About Our Founder

Dr. Yaya Moussa is the founder and CEO of KONTINENT LLC. His twenty five year professional background spans a wide range of sectors including venture capital, government, credit rating and international development. He holds degrees from Institut d'Etudes Politiques-Paris, University of London (LLM), Columbia University (MPA) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MBA).